Por que aulas particulares de Yoga? 


Traditionally, the philosophy and practice of yoga were transmitted in a one-to-one environment, between a teacher and a student. A student normally would seek out a teacher he wanted to study with, then he would somehow have to convince the teacher that he is a worthy pupil to receive the training, and in most cases a payment for the training would be in the form of living in the teacher’s house while performing whatever house chores, from cleaning the house to taking care of the cattle. And this kind of training could take several years! Then, at the end of a training, a teacher could ask his student to go to a specific area or a place to teach there, or to teach to specific groups of people.

Group yoga classes, as we know them today, is a modern invention. They first appeared about 50-60 years ago. The proliferation of group Yoga classes today is thanks to the industry of Yoga Teacher trainings that first appeared in the early 90s to meet a growing demand for more yoga teachers. For most of the yoga teachers today, a group yoga class is how we were first exposed to Yoga. Only a handful of us, I believe, entered the world of Yoga through a private yoga session.

There are advantages and disadvantages to practicing yoga in a group class as opposed to a private yoga instruction. The more I teach my weekly classes, the clearer it is to me how my students could benefit much more from a private instruction, and so I want you to consider the following points before opting for a group class or private yoga sessions: